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me: draws something im really proud of


me: notices everyone around me draws way better stuff


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This sculpture by Issac Cordal in Berlin is called “Politicians discussing global warming.”

looks like something from Silent Hill

this is a badass sculpture though

Drowning in their own bullshit
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Rauður, brúnn, grár..chestnut..brown…gray (by Gígja Einars..)

Ramapough Indian tribe demands cleanup of ‘toxic legacy’

Chuck Stead is a tall man with an easy smile and a booming voice that rises from underneath his wide-brimmed leather hat. On a cold February morning, Stead stood outside the Ramapo Saltbox, a cabin perched on the slope of New York’s Torne Valley, where he runs an environmental research center with the help of Cornell University.
Ever since he was diagnosed with intestinal cancer and given just a few months to live last year, Stead has increased the pace of his work documenting what he calls the “toxic legacy” left in these woods by the Ford Motor Co.
“It’s not unusual to have cancer here. I don’t treat it as ‘Why me?’ It’s more like, ‘Well, yeah. It’s what happens,’” Stead, now in remission, said. “I trapped all through this creek here. I skinned all of these animals, so I was exposed to whatever they were exposed to, and we ate some of the animals. Years later, I got my intestinal cancer and my liver cancer. If you look up the cancers and then you look up the compounds that are in the automobile paint, you have a correlation right there.”

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(Photo: Al Jazeera)
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                                                     If it matters to YOU

                                                  then it’s worth fighting for.

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